Top Tens Ways to Draw Traffic To Your Blog

Tuesday Top Ten is BACK!

Top Tens Ways to Draw Traffic To Your Blog.

  1. Create a Facebook Page For Your Blog:  So many bloggers and businesses complain about Facebook’s unfair way of hiding some of the content you follow.  This is true and the system is flawed towards favoring paying customers.  That being said, Facebook is often my highest source of clicks.  Make your account a place worth “liking.”  Post commentary, pictures and interact with followers.
  2. Tweet It.. and Pin it and Link it, etc.:  A strong social media presence is a must-have accessory for any blogger wishing to have a decent following.  Twitter is a goldmine of opportunity with potential of retweets from friends and followers.  Don’t just post your blog, but interact with followers.  Nobody wants to just see tweets of your blog all day long.  Space it out and have at least 10 interactions in-between each blog post.  Be sure to post several times a day and mix it up.  You may draw some readers in with one catchy title, someone else may be drawn in by another.  Find creative ways to intro your material.  This doesn’t just go for twitter, make sure you are on every major social media site out there: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon and even Google+.  Don’t underestimate sites like LinkedIn just because you aren’t a “business type.”  Your blog is your business!  Take advantage of the unsaturated market and get clicks from people in the workplace that aren’t able to use sites like Facebook, but can scroll through LinkedIn while at the office.
  3. Comment on other blogs:  I visit every blog site that comments on my work and often get follow-up responses to other sites that I make comments on.  This is a great way to discover other writers that like your stuff and bring the traffic back to you.  And don’t just go through and say, “nice blog” on every site you see.  The words you write is a little sample of your work.  This will signal to people if they want to waste time reading what you have to say.  Think of it as advertising what a great writer you are and your unique style.
  4. Keep It Coming:  Whether it’s an ongoing theme or posting regularly, you will draw people’s attention if they know your site is frequently updated and a place to visit over and over again.
  5. Participate in Groups That Your Audience is Likely To Be:  If you’re a Mom Blog, find other moms online, if you are a business blog, LinkedIn may be a place to join groups, if you are a gamers blog, find the gamers.  There are groups and clubs for every genre out there.  Find yours and make friends.  If you don’t find a group, create one.
  6. Tag Your Posts: Don’t underestimate the power of visitors via search engines.  Research tops tags and categories and tag your posts with things that are likely to draw readers.
  7. Guest Blog:  This is one of the number one ways to increase your readership, and basically a form of free advertising.  Solicit and seek out blogs to write guest posts for, as well as accept quality guest posts to your site.  Now you have two people tweeting and sharing the link to your posts.  Imagine if you guest post on ten sites.  Make sure your posts link back to your site so your new readers can find you.
  8. Add Pictures:  When you post your blog onto social media sites a thumbnail will be displayed next to your link.  A catchy picture or illustration is just as important as a catchy title, which will entice people to take the click plunge.  This is also useful to be used in conjunction with Pinterest.  Everytime someone repins your awesome picture, it’s another opportunity for a blog post to be shared and reshared.
  9. Catchy Title:  Yes, I’m talking about link baiting.  This is the first and possibly the only impression your readers will get of your blog posts.  No one may be interested in clicking a post that is poorly and boringly titled  (yawn) because it blends in with the other 5 billion posts that we scroll by each day.  Someone may be more apt to clicking on a catchy title or a fun play on words.
  10. Make Sure Your Site Is Easily Navigable and Easy To Comment On:  If I can’t find my way around a website and it isn’t visually pleasing the first time I visit, I will not return.  It’s as simple as that.  Make your space a place worth looking at, as well as an easy to use menus and sidebars.  Make sure you are blogging from a site that is easy to comment on and that we can actually find the comment and share buttons very simply.  I am not going to beg a blogger to make it easier to share and comment on their blogs, and most readers will just give up if they can’t find something within a short time.  I often will not comment on a blog written on Google Blogger because it is just too annoying to have to fill in the CAPTCHA thing over and over again.  Everyone on the internet is lazy, accommodate them.


8 responses to “Top Tens Ways to Draw Traffic To Your Blog

  1. Andrea – I think i am sufficiently engaged in this list of items, with the exception of the guest blogging. That is something i may stretch into during 2013. Thanks for collecting this list for those not so strategically minded, it will improve the atmosphere online for us all.

  2. Good job. I appreciate the hints.

  3. I enjoyed this list of ideas. My first goal for this year is to write, write and write. I also love looking around and discovering the immense talent on this and other blog sites.

    • Thank you. When I was starting out I had asked for advice from some seasoned bloggers and one had said, just write and write some more! It’s the best way to get better.

  4. sorry if this is a stupid question….what do you mean by ‘tag’? (maybe I have already done it…?)

  5. This is such great advice! I’ve been blogging forever but have just in the last few months actually started to interact and it really makes a difference. Sometimes it’s overwhelming how much there is to learn. So, I always appreciate when someone is willing to share their words of wisdom. Thank you for posting this!

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