Spring Heat


Soupy thick air in a
day that is not yet summer
Ants already marching
two by two down my bathroom wall



You matter.
You matter to me.
You matter to your parents, to your teachers, to your peers, to the neighbor down the street who sees you making angels in the newly fallen snow.
You matter to people who don’t even know you.
We want to wrap you in our arms and say you matter. That we’re here. That we’d take your pain if you let us.

Your head sometimes lies. Your bullies lie. Wolves lurking in the shadows waiting for you- lie.
Take my hand, you don’t even have to talk. Don’t have to explain.

Did you know that we’d cry? That we’d feel an ache in that place we knew you? That even those who didn’t know you, who never even saw your face. We cry.

This? It’s not always gonna feel this bad.
I promise you, it too will pass.
That weight? Some day it’ll be gone.
The feeling that your whole world is caving in? The world is much bigger than this, my dear.

Please, just stay. You matter too much, you’re not done here, my friend. You matter too much.


I miss
The curve of your hip, the arch of your back, the smooth lines of your shoulder blade…
the abandoned couch on shoulder of the highway
Who will love me now?




Mother’s Day cards scare me

a little, when they proclaim

that I’m the

most marvelous mom ever,

that I might not be able

to live up to that



Wordless Wednesday


15 Kickass Pictures of Prince

Because he’s fabulous

Breaking News, Legendary artist, Prince has been found dead at age 57.

I am shocked.


Legendary artist Prince was found dead at his recording studio in Minnesota early on Thursday. He was 57. So far, no further details have emerged.

so so legendary.




Bombs from suiciders

tearing at my heart she said; 

not sure what compartment

to place this in anymore, as now,

it’s just a Monday you see.



Promotional photos for ‘The Jungle Book,’ feature cast members with their animated animal characters

I absolutely love these.. Promotional photos for the upcoming film, The Jungle Book, feature cast members with their animated animal characters.  See below for Idris Elba with Shere Khan, Lupita Nyong’o with Raksha, Scarlett Johansson with Kaa and Christopher Walken with King Louie. The film is due for release on April 15. 9183_1489480834411568_4612632428159891363_n701990_1489480907744894_4277847909688149471_o10530887_1489480837744901_2037621453323345291_n12063767_1489480844411567_5282778221970147239_n12440251_1489480847744900_3975015929890106724_o12671902_1489480854411566_7998579815271956118_o


First Trailer Released of the ‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot

Manhattan setting: Check!

Proton Packs: Check!

Funky Ghostbuster-mobile: Check!

Any of the original cast: Nope!

When I first heard of the all-women reboot lineup, I thought it sounded horrible..I mean, who messes with the original which is just so classically great?! But after seeing the new trailer, I’m looking forward to watching the new Ghostbusters movie!