Original Voices Restored in Creepy Dolls From the 1800’s

Scientists in Andover, Massachusetts have restored the ghostly voices of dolls manufactured by Thomas Edison’s phonograph company in 1890. This must be why kids look so unhappy in old photographs.. Good luck sleeping after hearing these creepy dolls talk.

Heavy Snow Colapses Marquee Roof Of Charlotte Appliance and Furniture (Rochester, NY)

It looks as though the heavy snows that we have expierenced this winter have not been kind to Charlotte Appliance and Furniture Store.. The old marquee that has been a well known Charlotte staple since 1923 has sadly collapsed. Charlotte Appliance is one of the oldest businesses in Charlotte (a neighborhood in Rochester, NY). The furtiture store was previously a movie theater called Lake Theater.


Ed Sheeran Covers Christina Aguilera’s ‘Dirrty’ And It’s Every Bit of Good You Think It’d Be

I gotta admit, I really kind of like this. Ed Sheeran proves he’s amazing by singing anything under the sun and still sounding like honey. Take me back to 2002, baby… Wash, rinse and you’re gonna want to put this one on repeat.

Blogging In A Nutshell


I Don’t Usually Post Introspective Blogs, But Here’s One and A Cute Dog Pic Just In Case

I have an appointment tomorrow morning to get my hair cut.

First time I’ll have to myself since winter break started. Gracious I’m super over the snow. I need a walk.

I cut it all off two years ago and totally regretted it. I’m going for the same length. Looking back, it looked better than I feel now. It’ll grow back.

I feel my worst.

I’m fat, I feel fat. I’m bigger than I’ve ever been not including pregnancy. I‘m out of shape. I don’t know how to get back in. I consume too many calories from alcohol and almond milk.

I might dye my hair also- I vowed I wouldn’t. Claimed that I was okay with naturally aging, but it seems the consensus around me doesn’t agree. Apparently I’m “not 60,” or so I’ve been told. Thing is, my hair doesn’t care. Only my internet friends, my enablers, think grey is okay.

When you hate everything is:

a) The best time to write a blog

b) The worst time to write a blog

c) Swallow that shit whole, eat a cookie, look at puppy videos.

cute dog

Eleven Inspirational Quotes in Honor of Toni Morrison on her Birthday

I love Toni Morrison, she’s incredibly inspirational and wise. Here are 11 great quotes to celebrate her birthday, (yesterday). Hey! better to celebrate late than never.


timothy 7











Top Ten Tuesday

I haven’t done this one in a while

Disregard advice
Accept help
Blow off steam
Don’t bite off more than you can chew
Just breathe
Follow your gut
Don’t waste time on what doesn’t matter
Cherish those who deserve you
Compassion and empathy are key
Follow your dreams



11 Great Quotes In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

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French Newspaper Charlie Hebdo Releases First Cover Since Attacks


Despite the recent attack, Charlie Hebdo refuses to be silenced. The magazine has become a symbol for freedom of expression in the wake of the terror attacks.

The magazine has prepared a massive print run of three million copies, compared to its typical 60,000. It will be sold in 25 countries in 16 different languages.

I’ll For My Children ~ Poetry Challenge 2015

'Mother and Child Reading,' Mary Cassett

‘Mother and Child Reading,’ Mary Cassett

I’ll not be perfect

I’ll make mistakes

I’ll tell you the truth

I’ll always love you, my children

I’ll always be human

I’ll try to recognize my faults and improve

I’ll try to be true to myself

I’ll try to do what I know best

I’ll try to give you better

I’ll try to find balance

I’ll always comfort you

I’ll lose it

I’ll hug you when you’re sad

I’ll protect you

I’ll let you down sometimes

I’ll be your hero at least once

I’ll learn as I go

I’ll try to teach you what I know

I’ll get frustrated

I’ll forgive you

I’ll let you mess up and then we’ll talk about the right way

I’ll lose my way

I’ll make sure we figure it out together

I’ll let you figure out what’s right for you

I’ll let you get away with things

I’ll make you hate me sometimes for your own good

I’ll always be your Mom first

*This poem is part of my 2015 Poetry Prompt Challenge, if you want to play along, join in, do the prompts and I’ll post your link on my blog. Today’s prompt is “Write a Poem that begins with a proclamation.” I decided to take it to the next level and make all the lines a proclamation.